Our Certifications

Disruptive Minds

15+ State D/MBE DOT, TS FCL, ISO 9001 / 27001 / 20000 and CMMI-L3 DEV/SVC

Disruptive Minds

Monitoring and verification is at the center of a zero-trust strategy

Disruptive Minds

Leaders in Security Operations as a Service (SOCaaS).

Disruptive Minds

At the center of zero trust is enterprise visibility, automation, orchestration, and governance enabled by a security operations center.

Disruptive Minds

Leaders in Zero Trust-Architecture

Disruptive Minds

Micro-segmentation technology is important for organizations seeking the benefits of a Zero Trust strategy.

Disruptive Minds

Leaders in Micro Segmentation

Disruptive Minds

Contract Vehicles At

Disruptive Minds

GSA MAS; HACS/Cloud SINS; 8(a) Stars III;
eFAST Prime; Other vehicles via CTA.

Disruptive Minds

Mindboard Inc.

Mindboard is a SBA 8(a) certified consulting and development firm specializing in modernization projects for commercial, state & local, and federal clients. From organizational strategy, to gap/risk analysis, to embracing the development challenges in this increasingly connected world.

Disruptive Solutions Inc.

Disruptive Solutions is a SDVOSB certified & TS facilities cleared leading provider of cyber security & forensic services and cyber operations to US DOD (CONUS/OCONUS) and other U.S. Federal organizations. Delivers solutions that improve security and promote innovation. customers.

Color Tokens Inc.

ColorTokens is a HubZONE certified entity with an award-winning Xtended Zero Trust Platform offering that simplifies, accelerates and automates your security operations. ColorTokens' unique Zero Trust approach gives you 360º visualization, micro-segmentation and complete enforcement.

Why Choose Us

Our Solutions

Managed Cyber Security Services

An managed security service provider (MSSP) provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems.

Custom tool and script Development

Develop custom tools to evaluate your security and tighten defense.

High Value Asset (HVA) Valuation

Identify information system that is critical to your organization..


Enterprise Level Container Security And Capacity Management.

Intelligence Analysis

Use our processes to answer tactical questions about current operations or to predict future behavior.

Penetration Testing

Through our simulated attacks, identify any weak spots in a system’s defenses..

Threat Hunting

Stay proactive with us, identify previously unknown, or ongoing threats.

Cyber Exercise and Training

We have vast experience in helping organizations to establish resilience to cyber-attack, and practice responses in a safe environment.

Malware and Binary Analysis

Analyze suspicious files on endpoints and within networks using dynamic & static analysis, or full reverse engineering.

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Implement internal and external threat detection and assessment services to mitigate structural flaws.

Digital Media and Mobile Device Forensics

We thrive in process of recovering digital evidence from mobile devices using accepted methods.

Cyber Operations Support and Program Management

We offer cyber operations support in the entire scope of cyberspace and related operations/programs.

Red/blue Team Operational Tool Testing

We provide industry standard red/blue team operational tool testing.

AI-Cognitive-high performance automation solutions.

Utilize our expertise in cognitive automation to perform non routine tasks with AI.

Deployed Media Exploitation (MEDEX)

Analyze, strategize, executve and proactively prevent MEDEX risks.

Cell Phone Exploitation (CELLEX)

Analyze, strategize, executve and proactively prevent CELLEX risks.

Incident Response

Formulate world class process to handle any form of cyber-attacks.


We provide integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery.